The Wen Moon Podcast

The Wen Moon Podcast features AlphaDAO members & elite blockchain minds discussing stories of success and failures that you will not find elsewhere. The Wen Moon Podcast is your source for building, gaining, and keeping Alpha. 

Wen Moon Hosts

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Clay is an early Blockchain adopter who began investing in Bitcoin in 2013. He is a Ph.D. capital advisor who raises funds for seed financing blockchain projects. Now, Clay spends his time traveling across the globe, attending conferences, and gaining alpha.

Clay Gongora

Kenzi Wang

Kenzi is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder of Cere (incubated by Binance Labs in 2019) and Traction (incubated by YC in 2014 and backed by NEA). He previously served as Vice President and General Manager at Huobi Global. Kenzi has invested out of multiple VC funds, most recently as a partner at Borderless Capital.